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Departure: to be planned
Duration: 6-7 hours
Height Difference: +900m, -900m
Grade Difficulty: Advanced
Price: Private negotiation

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The excursion with the most beautiful view on the Aeolian archipelago.

Program & Information

Useful indications to the participants

The departure is from the small hamlet of Ginostra that we will reach with a transfer by boat. After having crossed the small village we will reach the panoramic viewpoint of Punta dei Corvi, the route goes next to the steep slope running along the Sciara del Fuoco (Stream of Fire) up to the Portella di Ginostra, access point to Valle della Luna (Valley of the Moon). After crossing it, we will go up over the last steep crest and we will reach the summit with an amazing panoramic view on the crateric area. During the ascent of 4 hours we will stop for 3-4 intermediate pauses to enjoy the landscape. After arriving to the summit area, we will stop for about 1 hour to admire the spectacular “strombolian” activity of the volcano. We will go back to the starting point crossing at first the Rina Grande scree slope and then the typical strombolian rushes. The descent lasts about 2 hours. The ascent from Ginostra is particularly loved for the panoramic and environmental aspect. The trail indeed crosses a natural environment still intact and offers exceptional panoramic perspectives on the Sciara del Fuoco (Stream of Fire) and on all the Aeolian Islands. This route though involves several steep and uneven trails and considering the exposition to the South it is very sunny. For this reason we recommend this excursion only to people with an adequate physical training. N.B. The descent trail leads to Stromboli, upon request it is organized a private transfer by boat, from and to Ginostra, the price will be defined at the reservation.

Excursion for trained hikers, used to move on sandy or detrital terrain, where there may not be paths and where the route can tackle sometimes exposed sections. Excursion is also possible for children aged ten and up. To avoid taking risks, it is a good idea to know your health condition perfectly and to have it present when driving, especially in cases of heart problems, asthma and dizziness. At the discretion of the guide, the excursions may undergo variations or be interrupted if the weather conditions, environmental causes, or possible volcanic risk, can represent any source of danger. Furthermore, the guide is entitled to stop the excursion for any reason that could compromise the safety and therefore the physical integrity of an individual or of the entire group.

Necessary gear:
• Trekking boots* with high socks
• Trekking pole*
• Headlamp flashlight* (one each);
• Rock helmet ( free rental)
• Extra t-shirt
• Long trousers (recommended)
• Pull and anorak (k-way)
• Backpack (10-20L)
• Gloves and hat (recommended)
• Water, at least 1.5L
• Snack and packed lunch
*Available rental in loco


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