An unforgettable experience

Departure: h.03:30 pm
Duration: 8 hours (excluding overnight)
Height Difference: +800m, -1400m
Difficulty grade: high
Price: Private negotiation

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The sunrise on the Ionian sea will leave you amazed.

Program & Information

Useful indications to the participants

Day 1 - Departure from the Sapienza Refuge Square at our mobile office. With the Etna cableway we will quickly gain altitude up to 2500m s.l.m, we will reach afterwards the area where we will install the tents in which we will spend the night. II ° Day - Wake up at the first light of dawn to admire the sunrise and subsequent departure to reach the summit craters. We will cross lava fields and expanses of volcanic ash until the summit of Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. During the descent we will have the opportunity to visit other interesting places of the volcano, in particular the eruptive theater of 2002/2003, we will reach the starting point on foot, piazzale Rifugio Sapienza.

Excursion for trained hikers, used to move on sandy or detrital terrain, where there may not be paths and where the route can tackle sometimes exposed sections. Excursion is also possible for children aged ten and up. To avoid taking risks, it is a good idea to know your health condition perfectly and to have it present when driving, especially in cases of heart problems, asthma and dizziness. At the discretion of the guide, the excursions may undergo variations or be interrupted if the weather conditions, environmental causes, or possible volcanic risk, can represent any source of danger. Furthermore, the guide is entitled to stop the excursion for any reason that could compromise the safety and therefore the physical integrity of an individual or of the entire group.

Necessary gear:
• Trekking boots* with high socks
• Trekking pole*
• front lamp;
• Rock helmet ( free rental)
• Extra t-shirt
• Long trousers (recommended)
• Pull and anorak (k-way)
• Backpack (10-20L)
• Gloves and hat (recommended )
• Sunglasses (recommended)
• Sun protection cream (recommended)
• Water, at least 1.5L
• Snack and packed lunch
*Available rental in loco


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